In the Beginning…

In the beginning was the road, and the road was with me, and the road was me…

I am a man of few words in day-to-day life – the don’t say it unless it is absolutely necessary kind. I am also a man who is constantly seeking something – something outside this cage we call modern life. Don’t take me for a nonconformist adventurer though. I am like most others: I go to work, I earn my wage to pay my bills, I have a pint with my mates and then go to bed to wake up the next day to go back to work again.

Whenever I have the opportunity though, I travel. That is one and only one thing that has been a constant throughout my life. It might be to the next village or the next continent, doesn’t matter. When I don’t travel for business, I travel for pleasure. Seeing new places, meeting new people, learning about new cultures excite me more than anything else in life.

It was about a year ago that I started writing about my travel experiences on Facebook. I don’t know what came over me, but I know that it wasn’t for people to read really. It was just a way for me to express myself to a world I often struggled to comprehend. So, since then, I have been scribbling a thing or two every now and then. And now, in May 2017, with the encouragement of a few friends, I am giving this blog thing a go. If you enjoy what I write and want to join me as I explore outside the cage, wow, great. If not, so be it. I’ll write every now and then anyways :).

I am Dorken and every now and then, I will be at large outside my cage looking for something, whatever that thing may be, and then come back here to tell you all about it. If you so wish, you may start with the post below, how it all began…  Welcome to Dorken at Large.



I was one of those kids who loved looking at maps. We didn’t have Google Maps back then, but there were mighty world atlases and we had one of those at home. I would place it on the floor and lose myself in it. I would travel from country to country, mountain to ocean.


I was always mesmerised by the map of the Aegean Sea. Perhaps because it was home, perhaps because hundreds of islands scattered across my big blue sea would allow me to create thousands of fantasies in my head, it was a magical map. From his terrace, my grandpa would point out the mountains rising from the sea several miles away and say “Look, that’s the island of Samos” and I would imagine myself there. And in Chios, Patmos, Kalymnos, Simi and so forth; you get the picture.

But then, there was another island. One that was somehow magical, and for no special reason. One that I picked for myself, my fantasy island, my island. When I told the name, very few people would have heard of it, even though it was so close to where we lived. In my child’s mind, I would be the king of my island and my own civilisation. I would declare my independence lying on the floor of my bedroom, lost in the map. It was years later, when I started reading about it, I was surprised to see that my island was of the same mindset, that it had actually declared its independence in 1912, had its own flag, its own anthem, even if it had lasted for only five months. Yes, that was definitely my island.

Decades later, on this beautiful September morning, this child’s fantasy is becoming real. I am on the boat, on my way to claim what I truly know is rightfully mine. Of course, having grown up, I am now wise enough not to shout it out loud when I get there, as I don’t want to end up in a Greek jail (or more likely, asylum), but I’ll get off that boat like the king that I am and walk the villages, mountains and shores of my island knowing and feeling that it’s all mine.

So, here starts Dorken at Large. I am off to the land of the people who live for a hundred years and the home of Icarus, the boy who flew so high and then fell off from the skies. Destination: The Free State of Ikaria…


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