The Melancholic Voice of Portugal: Fado

If you ever make your way to Evora when you’re in Portugal (and do make your way to Evora when you’re in Portugal), make sure to visit the tiny, yet beautiful Casa de Fados on Rua de Serpa Pinto.

Ok, the crazy lady running it may not be the best cook in the world – then again, some believe that food is overrated – nor is she the fastest – fast food, definitely overrated. She may be only able to speak two words in English and three words in French with a Portuguese only menu – communication, totally overrated 🙂 – but then when she starts to sing and when her friends start to sing and when the whole place resonates with music… there’s no word to describe it, it’s more than magic.

Fado is a Portuguese music genre, mostly affiliated to Lisbon, but could be heard all across the country. The melancholic tunes coming from the Portuguese guitar casts a spell on the listeners. For more information on Fado, click here to access the Wikipedia page.


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